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Burned Garbage for Steam

Since the BorderTransportationSystem will be importing seawater and desalting it into fresh water, and in many areas be taking fresh water from streams and the Rio Grande, as well as using waste water, there will be sufficient water for steam generation of electrical power.  This can be done in areas where there is insufficient sun or wind for power generation. 

Cities like Philadelphia have for years burned garbage and waste matter for heating water into steam, the steam used to turn turbines that generate electricity.  This has been fronded upon due to the fumes that can make people sickly, but by burying the garbage and seeding it with certain bacteria the garbage will generate Methane that does burn clean.  There are many examples of farms, towns, neighborhoods that burn Methane and are thus, producing low cost electricity.

In areas like El Paso where there are millions of tons of garbage / human and animal waste to dispose of each year, this may be a good source of electrical power.  With the BorderTransportationSystem the garbage can be transported at nearly no cost to remote desert areas for burial and Methane production.

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