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Border Ranch Lands

There are several farmers and ranches along our U.S.A. / Mexico border and many of the owners constantly complain about illegal trespassing by people crossing the border. The BorderTransportationSystem can help resolve this problem as by its very design crossing the border will be very difficult to impossible.

The BorderTransportationSystem will need the cooperation and in some instances some of the land of these farmers and ranchers, and one can expect opposition to the building of the system on their lands. So let's look at the benefits that can be, starting in that a station at, on, or near a farmer or rancher's land can make it easy for getting cattle and product to markets. And also, it will be easier to bring in outside workers when needed for harvest or roundup.

Add to this the opportunity for tourist to visit and resort on a 'real dude' ranch, with horses, wagon rides, planned hunting, bunkhouse living, etc.. Those farmers and ranchers that look to the future will find that the system can be a financial benefit to their future.

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