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Charges for Freight Crossing

Our U.S.A. / Mexican Border has both highway and rail crossings into and out of Mexico from the U.S.A., and tens of thousands of tons of freight are moved across the border yearly.

"Along the U.S. land borders with Canada and Mexico are over 100 land ports where freight crosses between the countries; 80 of these are along the Canadian border and 24 are along the Mexican border. In 2004, more than 11 million trucks and 41 thousand trains carried freight into the United States through these ports of entry. On those trucks and trains were nearly 14 million containers with goods destined for every state in the country." per

A 1-cent per pound BorderTransportationSystem fee would not be out of line, and could be used to make the border crossings faster and safer.  Currently there are long delays at many of the border crossings, and long tedious drives after; many of these drives could be eliminated of limited by the use of the BorderTransportationSystem's super-highway elements.

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There are 13 truck border crossings between Texas and Mexico.

Top 25 foreign-trade gateways

U.S.-International Freight Shipments


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