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Fresh Water Use Fees

The BorderTransportationSystem is being designed to transport sea and fresh water to desert and isolated areas of both Mexico and the U.S.A. border.  Water is the life-blood of farming, industry, and human occupation of an area and the bringing of water to these areas will spur advancement and wealth to all that need it.

The water will not be the most inexpensive as it will have to be pumped from the sources and then desalinized and purified, but since the BorderTransportationSystem will be generating excess electric power, it makes it viable and cost effective.   The major cost considerations are the cost of the system, and its maintenance.  Some cost should be associated with the cost of the generated electric that is used to drive the system, but it can be minimal.

It is proposed that a five person BorderTransportationSystem department be set-up to oversee the operation, contracting, pricing, and maintenance of the fresh pure water generation and the interaction with the various state and private water companies that will be involved as part of the system.  The five members will be selected from both the U.S.A. and Mexico and each member will have one vote in all decisions.  The panel will be selected for a two-year period, with each alternating two-year period having an opposite mix of U.S.A. / Mexican members, i.e., period one {three U.S.A., two Mexican} period two {three Mexican, two U.S.A.} etc..

There will be a thirty-day overlap of members so that the new members can be caught up with the process and actions of the old members.

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