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Fuel Pipeline Fee

The BorderTransportationSystem will have protected pipelines for the transport of oil, crude oil, gasoline, and natural gas.  These will be delivered to the farms, factories, towns, and other facilities along the route.  There will be a charge for the transport of these fuels. 

It is proposed that a five person BorderTransportationSystem department be set-up to oversee the operation, contracting, pricing, and maintenance of the pipelines and the negotiation and interaction with the various state and private fuel companies that will be involved as part of the system.  The five members will be selected from both the U.S.A. and Mexico and each member will have one vote in all decisions.  The panel will be selected for a two-year period, with each alternating two-year period having an opposite mix of U.S.A. / Mexican members, i.e., period one {three U.S.A., two Mexican} period two {three Mexican, two U.S.A.} etc..

There will be a thirty-day overlap of members so that the new members can be caught up with the process and actions of the old members.

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