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Mineral Sales

Salt is a mineral and the piping of salty sea water to the various desalination plants along the BorderTransportationSystem will generate sea salt, either in the desalination plants or in ground based, sun-baked, evaporation ponds.

Not only can the minerals be pulled from the sea and waste water, but if a manufacturing plant uses certain minerals in its processes, the polluted waste water may be put through the desalination plants and the minerals reclaimed for repeated usage. 

The permitting process for a desalination plant can be complex and therefore, it is recommended that a two-year specialized permitting department be created for the initial building of the BorderTransportationSystem desalination plants.  Once all the 'bugs' are out and correct documentation is created, there should be little need for this department to be continued.  The department should be set-up similar to that of the Solar and Wind energy and Pipeline departments, i.e. a five person panel with each person having equal votes in all decisions.

Pricing of the recovered minerals is to be determined as more information is obtained from those that will be doing the recovery operations. 

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