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Resort and Motel Fees

The BorderTransportationSystem will open up areas of the U.S.A. / Mexican border to all sorts of activities from fishing, hunting, farming, manufacturing, vacationing, etc., and therefore there shall be many motels, hotels, and other resorts built near the system.  The proposal is that since these will depend on the BorderTransportationSystem, each should contribute to the system.  Suggested is a 2% per night per visitor surcharge, the money used to help offset the system's cost and operational needs.

Many of the border towns in Mexico have dental and medical health care facilities, the cost is much less than in the U.S.A., and the care is usually very good to excellent.  People from all over the world come to 'vacation' while having services done.

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{There are numerous motels and hotels at the major border ports cities, some within walking distance, and many up to ten miles distant.  We are suggesting that there will be many more built in these areas and in the more desolate areas where new tourism and development will flourish.  Areas in Texas near Big Bend National Park are already using local water as they build resorts, condos, homes, stores, RV parks, and recreational facilities.} 


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