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Road Tolls and Fees

There will be road traffic on the BorderTransportationSystem and this is a Toll Road, it is not a freeway, there are parallel roads further inland that are free to use.  The advantage of the BorderTransportationSystem is that it is much safer, much faster, and can accommodate driverless vehicles for which it is designed.

Toll roads in the U.S.A. range from $0.03 per mile to $0.50 per mile, and the average cost to build a toll road in 2016 is about $2,000,000 per mile.  Therefore, it will take about 4,000,000 vehicles at $0.50 to pay for each mile.  10,958 vehicles per day for one year.  The difference between the average highway and the BorderTransportationSystem is that much of the cost of construction is the purchase of the right-a-way, and in the BorderTransportationSystem design much of the border is already fenced and therefore, the public already owns the land.  Other sections of the System will be built in Mexico or along existing roads, which will also cut the cost of construction.  Add to this that most of the system will be pre-fabricated in factories, which also cuts cost.

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