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Tourist Area Fees

The state, local, and federal parks and museums along the BorderTransportationSystem already have 'Park User Fees', and these would in most instances remain the same of increase by about 2%, the extra being used for the new facilities that would be built.

Currently, we have a system of 'Park Fee Discounts' for seniors, veterans, and those that purchase multiple entry or life-time passes.  This would continue, along with some special discounts for large groups such as 'Senior Citizens' who normally go on 45-passenger bus tours, but may be on a 45-passenger High-Speed Rail car.

Certain areas such as San Diego or Brownsville will need a currency exchange franchise to handle Asian and European currency, the Mexican Peso will be accepted at each of the stations.  Americans going across the border into Mexico will be able to change Dollars into Pesos using Border Station Vending Machines.

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