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The Team, About Us

The 'Team' is made up of professionals that have years of varied experiences across several platforms. The Leader, myself, has been active in highly technical activities from the tube stages to the IC and Computer era, and has aided in the design of the several Silicon Valley IC Production Facilities. My Resume includes over three dozen patents, several construction books, thousands of pages of industrial help manuals, and experience with recording systems, laminar flow systems, railroad track and signal systems, website development, banking, R&D, and the Ford Motor Company's 'People Mover' {did the original working model used to sell the idea}.

Maggie is our Artist and also has legal aid experience. Iris is a PHD, teacher, and has years of dealing with political organizations. Scott works for the City of Sunnyvale and has experience with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, building codes, project management, and purchasing. Patrick is our 'Computer Guru' with management experience in large projects for companies like MBNA and Bank of America. The team is well rounded, has an average age of 63 and is highly educated in management and technical project successes.

The Team is highly professional and has years of experience in researching the necessary components of a project. Each member has worked with me at one time or another; and although this will be the first time it will be consolidated to work together on a single project I have total faith in the individuals, and that the team shall solve any project needs that may occur. Note that the project is to assemble the necessary professional and proven teams that are experienced in each phase of the projects construction, i.e., road building, tunnel drilling, bridge building, solar panel installation, wind turbine installation, track structures, sensor implementation, border security, lighting, gating, platform design, signal selection and implementation, etc.

We would need to select and hire the following personnel for the team, a tax accountant, sales professional, bond and financial expert, and an attorney for drawing the necessary contractual agreements with authorities, money sources, and ultimate users. Although I have drafting and project management experience I do not have the latest in CAD equipment, thus would need the latest software and possibly a CAD professional, and would need software for project management.

The team's activities do not include the actual building of the transportation system, only the project R&D, project specifications, project financing, project top-level management, and project monitoring. The Team would be working from each person's home-office via the Internet, and thus overhead would be minimal to nothing. The sales person and the attorney would be required to travel as needed, and therefore a budget is included for him or her. Equipment would consist of mostly software for CAD, Project Management, DB, and communications {Video networking and secure emails}. Direct cost would be minimal; each person would receive a living wage or a salary commensurate with their current salary, benefits, and location's needs. There may be a possibility of contracting the attorney, but an in-house attorney would be a better choice as there will be numerous legal challenges throughout the project's design and implementation.


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