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Topics to Consider - Index of


The design of the system includes dozens to hundreds of items to consider; this page is the master index to each of these items.  Clicking on the links will take you to a summary page for that topic, and on that page will be a sub-index with links to each category of concern that falls under the main heading.


Introduction to the BorderTransportationSystem

National Security
Project Overview
Reasons for the BorderTransportationSystem
Risk Assessment
Technical Challenges
The Development Team


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...

China's Role in High Speed Rail
Mexico's Role in High Speed Rail
Jobs, jobs, jobs - a sampling of the thousands that can be created


Paying for the BorderTransportationSystem

Bonds and Financial Experts
Business opportunities...
Economic impacts...
Money Generation, how to pay...
Money set-offs...
Paid Advertising
Pricing needed for…
Private Funding Sources
Remote Cemetery Access
Risk Assessment
Salt Water Farming
Suggested Ideas on how to fund the system


Agencies, Government, and Native America

Government agencies...
Laws in existence...
Native American Casinos
Native American Lands
Native American Opportunities
Organizations to talk to...
Tax Obligations
Tohono O'odham Nation


Border Patrol & Border Security

Border Crossing Overloads
Border Patrol Facilities...
Entry / Exits...
Foreign Traveler Passes


Energy Generation

Electric Generation sources...
Hydrogen fuel from Water
Power Company Earnings
Sewage Disposal
Solar Energy Plants


Engineering Requirements

CAD, BIM, Software
CAD Files
Computer Code Files
Drawing Files
Engineering Files

Environmental Impacts

Animal Crossings...
Animal Sanctuary...
Environmental Groups...
Environmental impacts...
Lakes and Rivers...
Mountains that may cause Construction Problems


Insurance and Medical Considerations

Handicap Facilities
Insurance policies
Medical Services

Maintenance and Upgrades

Cleaning Crews
Spare Parts
Spare Parts Warehousing Facilities
System Headquarters
System Inspections and QC/QA of components
System Upgrades

Rail System

Freight cars...
High Speed Rail ...
People Mover
Passenger rail cars...
Rail Car Manufacturing Facilities

Recreational Opportunities

Big Bend Park Road Route
Community & Country Gardens
Parks, State and Federal...
Recreational Areas


Route Build Considerations

35 Border Crossings plus
Alternate routes
Build over the Canals
Climbing Barriers...
Desalting plants...
Distance between ends
El Paso River Route
Heat Removal from the 'T'
Long Bridge / Elevated track construction
Maintenance facilities...
Over / under passes...
Pipe line for salt water...
Prefab what parts of the system...
Proposed routes
Rail Connections
Rest stations...
Signal and sensor systems...
Weather control...
What is at these GPS locations


Threat Detection

Anti-Hacking Software / Hardware
Biological Threat Detection
Drone Detection & Removal
Drug Detection - Drones
Explosives Detection
Holographic Border Patrol Person (HBPP)
Illegal Drug Detection
Nuclear Threat Detection
Poison detection {Water Contamination detection}
TSA type Metal Detectors
Weapon Threat Detection


Other Considerations for the BorderTransportationSystem

24 hour operations...
Airports along the Mexican Border
Driverless Cars and Trucks
Food Banks
Vehicle Chargers...
Video Presentation {YouTube Video}


One of the prime reasons for the development of the BorderTransportationSystem is that it spurs on advancement between nations in the western hemisphere and beyond.  It can produce product made in America that can be exported to all nations.  We are close to losing the market due to isolationism as it is, and due to the inability for our citizens to see the future beyond our borders.  Other nations are younger than we in terms of technology, construction, transportation, communications, education, etc., but are fast catching up and surpassing us on all fronts. 
We need to develop advanced technology and procedures that spring us years ahead of them, and the BTS is just one thought that can work, and that can improve the lives of millions.  
Even Mexico is ahead of us, in that they are currently building a Mag Lev system from Mexico City to Oklahoma, U.S.A... 
We in our stupidity and reluctance to see the future of transportation have given up much to Japan, China, and Europe, this is our chance to outdo them and retake the world wide market.  Via BTS..

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