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Thousands of people from the U.S.A. and foreign lands travel to California each year in an attempt to see the great Pacific Ocean landscapes, the giant Redwoods and Sequoias, the amusement parks, and the world class museums and attractions. Unfortunately, most do not have the time to travel the length and depth of the state as it covers thousands of miles from border to border. This author and his companion had the time, and traveled from Burbank to Crater Lake Oregon and back, and this 'loop' that took two weeks and put 2,100 miles on his vehicle was one of the greatest adventures he has ever taken.

The author seen the beauty of raw nature, the complexity of the tourist attractions, the history of our and other's nations, and much more. He got to meet people of all persuasions and occupations, and he got to sample delightful food and drink from local establishments. You too can enjoy this trip of a lifetime that is laid out in front of you in this e-book. The pages take you from location to location in the order that makes sense for the limited time and dollars you may have. You will see what is available along the coast highway, and along the California Nevada border, and you can chose in advance the sights and sites you 'must' see, should see, and don't want to see.

Ordering this e-book will provide you the name, address, GPS coordinate, and estimated time to allocate in each location. It shows you a photo of the attraction and provides you with pertinent data for making a decision to put the location on your 'to-visit list'. Each title (place name) can be further researched by entering it into a Google tm search box; and this is recommended as open and closing dates and times can vary greatly for many establishments.

You can go to several auto clubs to have them outline a 'vacation' for you, but you should know that they frequently OMIT interesting sights, or only provide information on sites that have paid to be displayed, or sites where they get a 'finder's fee'. They also do not provide tips and warnings about the roads and other hazards. This author's only compensation is from the commission schedule. He provides tips and warns of hazards that he as personally encountered in his visits to the locations.

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