Travel & Touring Books by William (Bill) C. McElroy

Travel & Other Books by William (Bill) C. McElroy

The following touring manuals are based on actual travels, Internet & Google Maps™ research, and the comments of others that have visited the various locations that are included in the manuals.  Pictures are the work of the author, his friends, Wikipedia™ authors (Public Domain), and individual organizations. 

These manuals are available for purchase through Kindle™ books as e-books, and in some instances as paperback manuals. The manuals are for your vacation and trip planning and are recommendations of areas of interest that you should further research, before booking your trips.  The author has included items of interest to those that want to see history and historic places, as well as those that want to explore and adventure into the wild.  All manuals are for touring the United States or its territories, and are part of a series that will eventually include all 50 states and 7 territories.


Table of Contents


Colony One - A Short Story {It could happen}

Pioneers of Oceanography - The Saga of the Robert D. Conrad

Camping, Hiking, and RV Manuals:

America's Four Corner Camping Opportunities

RV Travel along the Great Circle Route

RV Parks in the Western States

Candy & Chocolate:

USA Candy Factory Tours


Brick & Masonry Design

Buying & Flipping Houses:  Home Buyers Checklist (Get Rich or NOT!)

Electrical Blueprint Reading {Second version, new version has new author} {Craftsman Book Company owns all rights}

Fences and Retaining Walls {Craftsman Book Company owns all rights}

House Painting - How To {March 1990 Family Handyman Magazine}

Painter's Handbook {Craftsman Book Company owns all rights}

Roof Builder's Handbook {Do not purchase, Pearson Publications refuses to pay author for 2,385 missing books}

Selling Contractor Services

East Coast Travel:

Albany to Buffalo {Niagara Falls} Touring Manual

Albany to Canada Touring Manual

Cape Cod Touring Manual

Hudson Valley & Vicinity Attractions

Philadelphia & Vicinity Attractions

South New Jersey Tourist Attractions


Environment Tours in the USA

The Dead Blue and You

The Death of Earth as We Know It

Squirrels I have Met {a children's book}

*** NEW January 2021 ****  The Demise of the National Highway System

*** NEW January 2021 ****  Water Water Everywhere: But Not a Drop to Drink

Ethnic & Historic:

African American Heroes

African American Museums

American Racism Dominates Our History  {A look at how we accepted others}

Japanese Relocation Centers {American WWI & WWII Interment Camps}

Informative & Educational:

Becoming a Tour Guide {Generalized - Should you Consider}

Buying / Selling / Maintaining a Vehicle {Great money saving book}

Cautionary Considerations While Traveling in the West

Forty Days to a Career in Tour Guiding {Very detailed lesson plans}

Tips for a Worry Free Vacation

Travel With Me

Island Travel - USA Territories or States:

Hawaiian Island Visitor's Guide

Puerto Rico Attractions

Virgin Island Attractions

Railroad Traffic:

Border Security with High-Speed Rail {Border Security Website Link}

High Speed Rail - What You Should Know

Western State's Tourist Railroads


Protected by Guardian Angels

Western Travel:

A Big Book of Hot Mineral Springs for your Enjoyment

Alaska Adventures

Arizona's Roadside Attractions

California / Oregon / Nevada Tour Loop

Colorado's  Roadside Attractions

Death Valley Touring Guide

Exploring South Dakota's Attractions

Grand Canyon Area Attractions

Must See Western States & Attractions

New Mexico Tourist Attractions

New Mexico's Roadside Attractions

Oregon Residents Weekend Travel Manual

Tucson, Arizona Travel Guide

Utah's National Parks and Attractions

Utah's  Roadside Attractions

Wyoming Must See Attractions

Author Compensation:

No one has paid for any listings and thus, the author depends on the sale of the manuals, not commercial advertising as many other tour book authors and publishers tend to do.  By not accepting commercial advertising you, the reader, receive unbiased information that can help you decide on what to see or visit.  Please note that restaurants, hotels, and motels that are not of historic interest are not included; campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks are. 

Author's Commercial and Government Experience:

Note that author has also written highly technical and complex training manuals and classroom guides for Base 10, Trenton, N.J.; Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, CA; Montgomery County Court System, PA; Pfizer Corporation, NJ;  B.O.C.E.S., NY;  AlScott Service Co., Detroit, MI; Anthony & Sylvan Pools, PA; Amtech Corp, PA; MBNA Banking, DE; and RETS schools, PA.

Some of the author's earlier publications:

American Flyer Appraisal Guide {Printer for the First edition, S-Gauge, April 1980}

Consumer Electronic Manufactures Directory {April 1976 - No longer Available}

Semiconductor Wet Chemical Processing Manual {PureAire Corporation - August 1981 - No longer available}

Clean Rooms/Wet Processing/equipment design. {MicroContamination magazine cover, centerfold, and back cover - 1981 - No longer available}

The Practical Guide to Turntable Servicing {May 1976 - No longer Available}

Author's Wikipedia Mentions:

Author is also mentioned in several Wikipedia Articles for his work on the Santa Fe railroad switching and Amtrak safety systems, LA police in-car computer systems, clean room and Wet Processing equipment design, Moon and Mars voyage recording systems, USAFSS, and the Ford People Mover system.

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