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Animal Sanctuary

Along any road or railroad in the world there will be animals from the smallest insect to the largest whales, and the BorderTransportationSystem is no different.  There are several migration routes, a few lakes, some sanctuary areas, and many feeding areas, each has to be mapped and a solution determined that will allow peaceful coexistence between humans and these earth creatures.

The BorderTransportationSystem will be moving tens of millions of tons of earth, and this can be used for fill in needed areas, or for building Oasis Watering areas as has been done along some of our highways in many states.

Part of any animal conservation system is the fact that an area can only grow enough food for a specific number of species in that area, thus some licensed and controlled hunting and fishing may sporadically allowed.

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Fishing and Hunting areas

Oasis areas where possible

Watering Holes and Grass areas



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