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Desalination Plants sized to Projected use

Some of the smaller Station / Rest Areas along the BorderTransportationSystem route will not be using a vast volume of water and thus will need a much smaller desalination plant than one of the areas where the water is needed for industrial and farming use.

An in-depth study of each Station / Rest Area / Town or city / Industrial / Farming area is required before the individual desalination / purification plants are contracted for and built.  Additionally, there needs to be a study of where there is sufficient fresh water available that can be fed into the Systems water Purification Plants, thus cutting the need for pumping and transporting salt water to that specific area.

The mayors and city councils of the towns effected will have to be consulted, and they will have to decide if they want to help pay for the water that can be supplied by the BorderTransportationSystem.  Many of these towns already have a water supply via wells or reservoirs or canals, but these existing water supplies may be inhibiting expansion and growth, thus the towns may need the water boost. 

There are also weather and type of farming or industrial use for the local environment that needs to be considered.  It makes no sense to spend a billion dollars building a desalinization plant where there is a limited need for the fresh water. 

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