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Heat Removal

The Arizona and Southern California areas can reach 115 degrees or more and the enclosed pipelines, and equipment may not be able to withstand temperatures that can build up to over 140 degrees F. Therefore, it may be necessary to vent the structure during the heat of the day and pump in cold night air during the evenings. This can be done with automatic thermostat controlled fans, air conditioning, or venting.

Venting would be the least costly and can be done through the top of the 'T' structure under the Mag Lev pads.

With free or nearly free energy there can also be air-conditioning that cuts in when the equipment, i.e, sensors, are near the upper temperature operating ranges.

In areas where there are Canals, the system can be built over the canals, so that the coolness of the flowing water acts as an air conditioning system. 

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