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The BorderTransportationSystem needs to generate funds from private industry for its construction and operation, thus one solution is to build-in various pipelines that can transport gasses and fluids that are needed along the border and elsewhere in our nation. 

These gasses and fluids can be just moved from point 'a' to 'b', or be diverted into factories, towns, residential areas, farms, and other use facilities for their use

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Crude oil

Electrical conduit

Fresh Water

How does cold effect the materials

How does heat effect the materials

Leak detection

Natural Gas

Pipeline Supports

Rail Bed Piping Verticals

Salt Water


Vibration of Rail Car Wheels



Pioneers of Oceanography: Saga of the Robert D. Conrad by [McElroy, William]



Pioneers of Oceanography: Saga of the Robert D. Conrad Kindle Edition








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