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Road Considerations

Road Considerations of the BorderTransportationSystem are considerable, the problem is that we are a nation that is at the crossroads of using old polluting oil and gasoline powered vehicles and new hybrid non-polluting electric powered vehicles.  We are also on the leading edge of a revolution in driving in that within a few decades vehicles will be autonomous in that no driver will be necessary, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into the on-board and external computers will be in total control.  This will result in faster, safer, and more relaxing vehicles that anyone can use, including a two-year old child.

The proposals for the BorderTransportationSystem are that the system be built to accommodate vehicles of the future with in-place sensors, computer controllers, and fail-safe networks.  The existing vehicles will need an ID to distinguish between U.S.A. and Mexican vehicles, and this ID device may be designed to turn a non-AI vehicle into an AI vehicle that can pilot itself.  The device would interconnect with the vehicle's existing computer and electrical systems, where possible.  If that is NOT possible then the vehicle will have to be driven onto a self-powered vehicle sled that is designed for the system and the use of AI.

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