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Border Patrol Facilities

The BorderTransportationSystem is designed to aid the U.S.A. and Mexico Border Patrol Agencies in their relentless attempts to stop illegal activity along the border.  The are people that are crossing illegally for jobs and a better life, and there are those that are smuggling drugs or people.  Our Border Patrol people do an excellent job of stopping much of the illegal activity, and in many areas if the 'bad' guys are not caught at the border, they are at the inland border checkpoints which can be miles from the border. 

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Border Patrol Agents ride Free

Holding Area for non-drug smugglers

Housing for Agents

Housing for Drug Sniffing Dogs

Housing for Drug Smugglers

Housing for the Horses on Patrol

Parking area for Agent's vehicles

Secure area for advanced checking of vehicles

Storage area for confiscated vehicles


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