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Money Generation

Like everything in life, it costs money, and someone has to pay; the BorderTransportationSystem is not immune from needing funding, lots of funding.  Therefore the team sought ways of generating income from the various portions of the system.  The idea is to be self-funding from fees, ticket sales, franchises, mineral sales, and more.  The initial funding may have to come from governments, both Mexico and the U.S.A., and this would then be paid back over the years from the collected funds.

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Bond & Financial Experts

Border Crossing fee for businesses

Border Ranch Lands

Business Opportunities ...

Charges for each Freight load

Economic Zone Rentals

Electric Utility use fees

Fresh water use fee

Fuel pipeline use

Mineral sales

Open season hunting and fishing tags

Paid Advertising

Parking Areas

Resort and motel fees

Rest stop franchises

Road fees

Salt sales

Sea Water use fee

Tickets for train rides

Tourist area fee

VIP Rail Cars


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