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Railroad Design Considerations

Over the last hundred or so years the world has designed railroads, railroad engines, railroad rolling stock, stations, switching yards, bridges, and such by the thousands; some of the designs are great, some are really bad and have been retired to museums.  The BorderTransportationSystem team has looked at many of the designs and looked into the Pros and Cons of the most popular high-speed designs, and has found that most do NOT meet the needs of our system and the decades of its use into the future.  Thus, the team has come up with new design proposals based on the real world challenges of protecting our southern border, providing both passenger and freight capability, and doing it at little to no cost to the taxpayer.

Index of ...

Automatic Computer Controlled system

Bird and Animal resistant right of way

Dual Rail System

Existing Railroad Crossings into Mexico

Freight car engine design

High-speed Diesel considerations

High-speed Electric considerations

How will heat effect the materials

Human factors to consider


Passenger car engine design

Positive Train Control

Single rail only considerations

Single units - unidirectional

Special Border Patrol cars

Speed limits of the system

Spur Routes

Standard Track Gauges

Weather resistant



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