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Economic Impacts

The economy of both nations along the U.S.A. / Mexico border is fair, but not especially great.  There are many factors that cause this including the bright sun and super hot weather in the desert areas, the mountains and valleys in Texas, and the lack of clean water and low cost energy for housing, factories, farms, etc. 

Our proposed BorderTransportationSystem attempts to eliminate each of these factors by bring low cost fuels, fresh water, and great transportation to the border area and along the full length of the border.  With clean Green Energy and ample Sea and Fresh water the border can be made to blossom; energy for homes and factories, water for farms and homes, and a very fast transportation system for getting tourist, workers, supplies, and other items like USPS mail and cargo containers from point 'a' to 'b'.

Index of ...

Cut border patrol needs

Cuts days off the Panama Crossing

Eminent Domain {Legal problems}

Expands farming

Generates Green Electric Power

New town start ups

Opens tourist areas

President Obama's Proposals

Provides fuels to those that need it

Solar and Wind farm development

Thousands of Jobs open up



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